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Jean Patterson Edwards, Calgary, Alberta, 1942.


About Jean

Jean came from Calgary, Alberta to study music in Toronto where she established her life and career. Her life-long love of singing has led her down many different paths. She sang leading roles in the founding years of the Canadian Opera company and later enjoyed singing and touring throughout Europe, Canada and the United States with The Toronto Consort and the Festival Singers of Canada. She was a church soloist for many years and often performed solo recitals. Beyond the blessings of a professional career Jean's life has been enriched by the her marriage of sixty years, her five sons and eight grandchildren.

My philosophy is simple: stay open to the unexpected. Learn to let go of self-limited thinking; tomorrow something unexpected may happen that is exciting. Don't be afraid to say 'yes'. Be grateful and forgiving. Stay flexible. Know that there is always another way. Keep going and never stop pushing your potential. Stay courageous in your quest for peace and a life full of love.

Jean has recorded three solo discs, often played on national radio. Late CBC broadcaster, Clyde Gilmour, was an enthusiastic fan and often referred to Jean's voice as having "effortless float, range and purity."