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  Jean Edwards, age 10.


“I was so moved by your singing today, as I think everyone was. You still have it, amazingly, and you sang with such energy and passion. Thank you more than I can say for such an important contribution to today's fabulous concert. Don't stop singing!”
(Mary Lund, Remembrance Day concert, Arts & Letters Club, Toronto, 2015)

“We are especially grateful to you for making the commitment and taking the time from your busy life to perform at the concert.  The line-up this year was exceptional and we have had many, many positive comments.  Jean, you really brought the house down!”
(Terry McCullum, CEO, Loft Community Services, Concert 2013)

“The disc is quite extraordinary.  The CD contains a very wide repertoire of quality music that you have sung splendidly.  Your range is quite amazing…and your tone sweet and appealing. Congratulations.”
(Walter Pitman, writer, November 12, 2006 referring to "Song Journey")

“...She has the voice of an Angel – high, pure and sweet.  I could listen to this kind of singing all day long."
(Hills Magazine, Orangeville, Fall 2006)

“You are truly amazing how you can present a substantial program of well-chosen music that is very demanding and pull it off with great charm and seeming ease.”
(Ruth Morawetz)

“This disc proves that you have had an excellent collaboration with Brahm.  The results, in my view, are truly outstanding.  You deserve a good deal of recognition and appreciation for the things you have done on it.  Not many singers have your sensitivity to sound and word.”
(Ezra Schabas, reviewing "Do You Remember" CD)

“You have recorded music that is timeless.  With this timeless music you have given the listener a view into a world that has sadly been gone for a very long time.  What I admire most about your recording is your strong, confident, clear voice.  It is full of the majesty and the elegance that these songs demand.  Congratulations on a completely superb disc!”
(Adrian Schuman, music archivist - CBC Radio, review of "Do You Remember" 1997)

Here is a copy of a letter to Jean from long time CBC broadcaster Clyde Gilmour just before his death:

Hello Jean,
My reliable old McIntosh pre-amp is being fine-tuned by a technician chum so I won’t get a chance to hear your “Do you remember” disc for a week or so, but already I am optimistic that it will make a fine segment for me if and when my extremely wobbly health improves enough to let me accept the Canadian Opera Company’s cordial invitation to do a random series of short “specials” I’d love to tackle.  This would not be a resumption of “Gilmour’s Albums”.  It would consist of casual unscripted conversations between myself and Ian Alexander.  No doubt his name rings a bell with you; he is, of course, the husband of Marilyn Dalzell who produced your new CD.
Ian was a superb broadcaster before he became a CBC executive; at present he’s Director of Planning for radio.
If the project works out our mini show will be called “Gilmour and Alexander” and each live and informal chat will pave the way for one or more short recordings from my collection. Remember, this is all ultra “iffy”.
Right now (age 82) I’m appallingly weak; and the more heavy-duty rest I get (under medical orders), the more I seem to need.  Maybe my broadcasting days are over.
Anyway your album looks like a “natural” for Ian and me to discuss and sample.  Your smile today is as radiant as ever.  Tell me, how old is that darling snow-blond on the cover? Your booklet notes too are first-rate.  You’ve even spelt mark DuBois correctly with a capital B, not the usual ‘Dubois”.

Cheers and warm regards to you and your family.

Clyde Gilmour